Final edit

Below here you will find my final edit for my media project. I am happy with outcome of the edit and how the video looks, We as a group worked really well together to complete this video. We all help contribute into the video using their strength and improving their weakness also. I had some help from Nathan on the editing but otherwise I did all the editing and some of the filming within the group.



What have I changed In my Planning

From the rough edits you can see a huge difference due to the amount of shots we had to take out. The reason for this is because our video was too long and took a while to progress. In task 36 I talk about my progress in shooting the video and included some screenshots to show my progression these are no longer within the final video but was a good starting point for our group to work on and improve. For our task 35 we have said we were going to include certain props but we ended up not needing some of the props as they were not needed within our film. In task 32 we show our different shooting location, we had to take out some of the shooting location out due to the shots being taken out to shorten our video so task 32 does not fully match with our final video. We have updated our shot list to match our final video to show that we did know what shots we were going to be shooting as a group to keep everyone organized. We also created a new animatic storyboard and story board this matches our final video we did this the same time as we were writing up the new shot list this shows people that we know what the different shots are and also allow us to to know what we are going to shoot. Our story line that we said we were going to follow in task 25 dose also not match with out final video, like I said before due to the shorting of our video.



Task 8 Audience feedback

Below I have asked my friends to watch our media video and give us feedback on what they liked and to see what they thought of the video. I took screenshots of the convocation to keep their identity safe. This would give me a better idea of what people liked within our video and what they didn’t this then I would take away and possibly edit and fix some small issue to improve my video and satisfy my audience fully.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.05.37 AM

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.08.28 AM

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.08.34 AM

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.11.12 AM

Below you can see where my views have been coming from I got this information from Youtube. This tells me how long they have watched it and where from. This would be great to see where I should advertise my video more as you can see at the moment most of my views are coming from the United Kingdom which is no surprise.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 7.53.08 PM

Below you can see that I got people to give verbal feedback on my work. I recorded them and they told us what they thought was good and what they liked about the video. This also would give me a better understanding of what people thought of our video to allow me to correct the small or large things within my final video.

Task 7 Social groups

In this video I Look back at my Preliminary task to see what I and our group have improved on. The reason for this is that it would then show me and other how far we have come as a group to create the Final edit of our film. I think our group is working really effective together now better than ever due to the amount of time we have spent together to get to know each other more. In the start it was hard to get everyone to start pulling their weight and work but now it’s smooth and easy.

Task 6, Technologies we used

In our group we have all developed new skills and improved skills which were weak, for myself I have improved on my editing skills and filming technique these would help me in the future for the next video I make. We also could see that organization got better over time as we worked together being able to plan and create timing we can meet and film together also giving people key role with importance to dress up or bring things to help create our video all of this made our video better and more entertaining.  In our video we used a rage of technologies to help us with our filming editing and to improve our video to gain a higher mark in our video in this blog post I will be talking about the things which our group have used over the time making the video to help us make the video we have now. I will breaking it up in three sections: Filming, Editing, Presentation.


  • In Filming we used used a Canon EOS 100D camera to shoot all of our shot this camera was easy and simple to use and set up the camera had a built in microphone which would recored what we said and could film 1080p 60fps.

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 9.18.19 AM.png

  • The next thing we used was a tripod to hold the camera in place to get a still shot this was used when shooting the conversation between the two male actors.

  • Lighting was the next thing we used and was a key importance as this would help us gain a better lighting condition when shooting in low lighting area

  • We had the uses of props like book, chairs and laptop these help improve our video and made them better.


  • In the editing part I used (Imovie) to do all my edit’s on as it was on my computer already and was simple and free to use.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 8.37.01 PM.png

  • To find sound and music for our video we used (Youtube) this is where we would go and find copyright free music.


  • The website I used to download the music which was copy right free from Youtube is Youtube to Mp3 converter this is then used to put into my video and create a mood and effect.

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 9.14.35 AM.png


  • I use Powerpoint and Prezi to present my work as these two are really good software to work on and present my information on.Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 9.30.16 AM.pngunnamed
  • I am using Powtoon to create a storyboard to make my blog more interesting and entertaining. POWTOONS.jpg
  • I used WordPress to create a blog and post all of my work on to show my progress.


Point 5 How did I attract/address my audience?

In the video below I have put annotation into the video in parts to show why people might come and watch this video I have written why I think people would enjoy the film. People like to laugh and I think that I was able to create a funny atmosphere for people to laugh and be attracted to the film. I also think that the actors within the movie is also key to bringing people to watch my film due to the good looking and attracting people. Doing this would help me to see if I have archive the correct target audience for my video.

Task 4 who are my audience?


Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 8.18.15 PM

Generally women mid/late teen plus. Rom-com can be describe as a chick-flick. They attract women due to the romantic pursuit and ‘happy ending’ which women enjoy.

To really know what is my target audience is I went to the website called (http://www.uktribes.com/) I used this to determine what my target audience would be as this website gives me a wide range of people in our society this 21 century. I determined that my perfect audience member would be the fan girl. The definition they gave me on Uktribes is “United by their love for musicians, vloggers, bloggers, models, books, TV series, TV personalities (and anyone in between) the Fan Girls start at 13 years upwards and are a powerful force on social media” In one of the picture it shows what a fan girl would wear and one of the picture show a sketch from the website of how a fan girls looks like.

In my video I have create two good looking main male actors which the fan girl would love and this would attract them to come watch the film, not only the boys but also the fan girls could be attracted to the main female actor wanting to look like her and become her. Also the humor within the video the fan girl would be able to relate to and find the jokes funny.